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House rules

  • Respect the rented apartment, its neighbours and its surroundings – including the silence after 10 pm.
  • A maximum of 4 persons are allowed to stay. 
  • Pets are not allowed under any circumstances. If you do bring pets, we reserve the right to refuse you access to the apartment and additional costs. 
  • Smoking is prohibited indoors. Please do not trample and/or throw away any cigarette butts on the terraces. 
  • Leave the apartment and its contents in perfect condition for the next guests. All furniture must remain in place. When leaving, the dishes must be washed and put in place, the waste taken to the street containers and the toilet left in a clean condition. The apartment must be swept / vacuumed. The final cleaning will be done by a professional cleaning team. 
  • Make sure that all electrical appliances are switched off (air conditioning, oven, coffee maker, kettle, TV, …). Leave the refrigerator door open and turn off the main power switch. 
  • Please NEVER throw and flush sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons, diapers, food scraps or anything else in the toilet. This can lead to blockages or malfunctioning and will lead to additional costs for the tenant. 
  • All beds have a mattress and pillow protector. Bed sheets and pillowcases are provided in duplicate, as well as a spare mattress protector. Use all equipment correctly, otherwise we reserve the right to keep the rental deposit for cleaning the mattress and/or the mattress protector. 
  • Please always and immediately notify us (or the rental office) in case of damage or problems. You can of course also contact us for practical questions. 
  • Fondue, frying and (stone)grilling is prohibited indoors.
  • Do not throw anything over the fence or in the garden, this will cause nuisance to the neighbours and attract unwanted animals. 
  • Garbage is collected in street containers at various places. There are separate containers for glass, paper & cardboard, plastic and residual waste. Waste that is too large for the opening of the container can be placed next to it. For waste that is not removed from the apartment, a cost of 10 euro will be charged. 

Enjoy your stay in our apartment! We are sure you will treat it with due diligence so that it will be also be a pleasant stay for the next guests.